Orlon Gunner is the pet project of Canadian artist and entrepreneur, Robert Bernard Armieri.

While attending the University of Western Ontario in the late ’00s, Armieri focused on creating short films and recording his own music rather than on his studies. It was not in vain, however, with several of his films being picked up by Ouat Media for international distribution after a few successful short film competitions.

Using the competition prize money, Armieri started his own multimedia production company, Northern Recorders, and began working as a multimedia developer to fund his own creative projects. In 2015, Armieri created the mobile game Chewy Train. Much like his approach to short filmmaking, Armieri’s hands on, DIY attitude saw him writing the code, designing the graphics, and recording an 18 song soundtrack completely on his own.

Armieri’s latest project is a small EP consisting of songs he wrote, recorded, and mixed out of an apartment bedroom in Toronto, ON, prior to moving to Montreal.

A lifelong 1960s music junkie, Armieri began working on the retro-styled songs after spending time on a side-project he co-founded with his brother, titled Housecreep. The true crime website set out to document the history of homes with a sordid past, gaining some notoriety and sparking a debate on disclosure in the real estate industry. Unsurprisingly, Orlon Gunner’s three track debut is a moody one.

Since its October 2017 release, Orlon Gunner is beginning to see regular airplay on campus and alternative radio stations across Canada.